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Film Honors New Mexico Folklorist Nasario Garcia

New Mexico folklorist and historian Dr. Nasario Garcia grew up in tiny Ojo del Padre, one of several villages along highway 550 that are now abandoned.  Garcia is well known for his many books on early New Mexico life, like Hoe, Heaven and Hell, and Gradma Lale’s Tamales, and he is the recipient of the Historical Society of New Mexico’s first-ever Lifetime Achievement award.

Shebana Coelho  is a Santa Fe poet, dancer and filmmaker, and she has just completed a documentary featuring Dr. Garcia, and his stories, called  Nasario Remembers the Rio Puerco, which has its first run on public television on New Mexico PBS station KNME, channel 5 at 7:00 pm Thursday, October 12. KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer spoke with the film-maker and the story-teller