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Author Leona Stucky Reveals Misunderstood Intimate Partner Violence in book, "The Fog of Faith"

Leona Stucky

After the trauma of a savage attack, a farm girl recovers physically, but her identity, faith, and relationships are shattered.

This is the true story of Leona Stucky’s childhood on a Kansas farm, surrounded by a loving family and the simple tenets of her Mennonite community. Violence enters her world in her teens in the guise of a young man who seems normal to everyone else but who Leona knows to be deranged in his obsession of her.

His unrelenting abuses take root, and Leona must deal with them utterly alone. Her pacifist father cannot avenge or protect her, nor can a callous justice system. Even God is impotent.

Leona is cast into a bewildering life of disgrace and poverty — with a baby, a violent husband, and battered faith. Through a series of page-turning events, she hacks through the bones of her naivete to confront harsh realities and to probe the veracity of religious claims.

Loena Stucky joins Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer, MK Mendoza to discuss the nature of intimate partner violence, the many ways in which the dilemma is so misunderstood and the courage needed to leave and begin life anew. 

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