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Revolutionary International Solar Energy Innovation Ready to Transform New Mexico


Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza interviews leading Greentech Entrepenuer Gabino Guerengomba who is also Co Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Integrated Solar Technologies. He began his R&D during his time at the Harvard Business School Africa Conference and has been innovating ever since, internationally revolutionizing the world of solar power.

His prototypes and vast projects have received international recognition and funding from events sponsored by everyone from President Obama to Leonardo DeCaprio. He continues to gain recognition as an outstanding entrepenuer from being selected as a Tony Elumelu entrepreneur to one of the First 1000 Entrepreneurs vested in the transformation of the entrepreneurial landscape in Africa.
His innovations in solar energy stand to provide internet connectivity and electricity to rural communities not just in Africa but throughout New Mexico. He chose New Mexico as a place to continue his projects due to the prime climate and vast renewable resources. His solar power modules provide much more power than older solar panels and do so at a competitive price to market leaders, providing an edge to the American market.
Whether he's building more power plants or mentoring the next generation into renewable energy, his contagious personal energy is as magnetic and powerful as the renewable energy he uses to move us competitively into the renewable age. Gabino Guerengomba's cutting edge energy, whether personal or professional stands to revolutionize the world. 
You can find out more about his company at the following link below: