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The Transformative Power of Female Anger (Extended Interview)




Dialogue Host/Producer MK speaks with Mental Health Expert Betsy Keats about her upcoming free workshop for women entitled "Understanding Our Anger as a Catalyst for Positive Change". 

More information on the workshop below along with a link:   "

Anger is a universal human emotion that we all experience from time to time. Yet it's also the emotion that people have the most conflicted relationship with. Our families and society tend to give us many mixed messages about how to experience and express anger. And while many men are comfortable feeling and expressing anger, women are often socialized to hide their anger and even told that it's wrong to feel anger. Denying anger can cause physical problems as well as serious problems in relationships, such as a buildup of resentment that can result in outbursts of anger - or more indirect passive-aggressive behavior." M Warren, LMSW  We as women have centuries of built-up anger living in our bodies and our minds as we have been objectified, invaded, denied, misunderstood, and dismissed time and time again. Betsy Keats argues, “Our anger makes sense. We must learn to utilize it and express it to make positive changes for ourselves and others.  Let's begin to explore, understand, honor and transform our relationship with anger.” Her workshop provides an opportunity for women to learn how to create a new and positive relationship with this powerful emotion in a supportive group environment.  DATE/TIME: Saturday, MAY 11, 3:00-4:30 PM  PLACE: Main Branch, Santa Fe Public Library, 145 Washington Ave., Community Room, 2nd floor.    TO REGISTER EMAIL BETSY: bkempower1@gmail.com