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Author Nikki Jones Discusses Her Book, “The Chosen Ones: Black Men and the Politics of Redemption"


Nikki Jones—award-winning Associate Professor of African American Studies at UC Berkeley and author of the new book, THE CHOSEN ONESBlack Men and the Politics of Redemption (University of California Press)—isn’t speaking on the intersection of race, gender, and justice, or being called on to help the community make sense of racial conflicts, she is researching the systemic racism in our criminal justice system in order to improve the lives of young people in our inner cities.  Analyzing interviews with police officers and reviewing video recordings of encounters between the police and the public, she seeks to understand why some police encounters go so badly, so quickly—and what we can do to prevent it from happening.

Author, sociologist and feminist scholar Nikki Jones discusses her new book, "The Chosen Ones: Black Men and the Politics of Redemption". She shares the compelling story of a group of Black men living in San Francisco’s historically Black neighborhood, the Fillmore. Against all odds, these men work to atone for past crimes by reaching out to other Black men, young and old, with the hope of guiding them toward a better life.

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