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Santa Fe Youthworks! Building Community From The Ground Up - Part Two

Santa Fe Youthworks!

Join us for an inspiring interview with 5 of Santa Fe's movers and shakers building community from the ground up. Wake Up Call Segment Host/Producer MK Mendoza speaks with founder Melynn Schulyer, and her team of innovators from Santa Fe Youthworks!  who are doing business in a whole new way - Training today's disconnected youth to be the leading entrepeneurs of tomorrow. Along with receiving national award winning recognition for their work in the non-profit sector in helping opportunity youth, they've just been awarded a 1.1 million dollar federal grant to continue their revolutionary work. From providing wrap around services to youth including education, counseling, shelter and food, they also provide education (including most importantly a new division where they teach business), training and jobs across a wide sector of employment opportunities that they connect directly with other like-minded non-profits in the community, like Habitat For Humanity and many more. The sectors include everything from construction/weatherization and fire prevention to culinary arts and health care. They led Santa Fe's community project called "The Verde Project" which involved sending young people out to do forest and river clearing, taking the remains, chipping them and coordinating that with local composters to donate them, to then be used as compost for community gardens, from which the harvest was then used to train youth how to cook and serve not only those suffering from hunger but also then cater any large budget high quality event, of which they have done many. Every step of the way, young adults are given the opportunity to step into whatever area that they find of interest and mentored to reach their full potential.  They are also followed up on after they leave the program or even often stay on as the next generation of leaders/mentors for the upcoming generation entering the program. This is an interview you don't want to miss. And an exciting group of visionary thinkers and leaders changing the Santa Fe landscape. 

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