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June 12 First News: Report Indicates Strong Chance For Continued El Niño In New Mexico (Listen)

The latest report from the Climate Prediction Center says North America is under an El Niño Advisory. KOB-TV reports that means there is a greater than 90 percent chance that El Niño will continue through fall 2015, and around an 85 percent chance it will last through the 2015-16 winter. The National Weather Service says the 90 percent chance of El Nino this fall and winter means cooler and wetter conditions - in some cases, much cooler and wetter than normal. Also the weather pattern means limited hurricanes in the Atlantic and more frequent hurricanes in the eastern Pacific, along the west coast of Central America. Moisture from those hurricanes and storms could create a good stream of moisture, making our summer and monsoon much wetter than normal. And, if the El Niño holds up, we will be in store for continued rain, snow and cold temperatures in the fall and winter A strong El Niño could bring a lot of snow. Additionally,  some meteorologists at the Southwest Coordination Center say 2015 could be one of the wetter years on record.

A group representing retired public employees in New Mexico has announced that Wells Fargo has agreed to pay 50 million dollars to settle a dispute over loses with Wachovia Bank. The Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico says that the San Francisco-based Wells Fargo agreed to the payment to settle disputed claims with losses in the group's securities lending portfolio. The PERA board sued the Wachovia Bank for breach of contract and fiduciary duty to recover losses. Wells Fargo bought Wachovia Bank in 2008. Under the terms of the agreement, Wells Fargo denied any wrongdoing.

Employers who hire unemployed veterans and those with disabilities would see their tax credits for doing so extended under New Mexico Senator Tom Udall’s bill to extend and streamline hiring incentives for such vets. Udall is reintroducing the “VOW to Hire Heroes Extension Act of 2015.” *****061215-Udall-1 :20*****Udall adds, “Extending this program will show that our country remains committed to veterans and their families, while helping businesses find good employees and boosting New Mexico’s economy?” 

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter tells us full kennels and great dogs waiting for homes have led the Shelter to extend its weekend adoption hours and offer dog-related incentives for adoption. The shelter will be open for adoptions until 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday through the summer to boost adoptions. All animals available for adoption at the shelter are given everything they need to make them highly adoptable, including spay/neuter, up-to-date vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, an identifying microchip and heartworm testing.

The Town of Taos is holding its annual bicycle tour this weekend… and it starts this afternoon. The Tour de Taos is not your typical bicycle event. Charles Kading, an activist and one of the Tour’s organizers, calls it the “ultimate counter climate change activity.”

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Additionally, there will be lots of music through the entire weekend. Each year’ Tour de Taos, says Kading, is dedicated to prominent people who have passed away in the past year. This year, Robin Williams, BB King and Ronnie Gilbert, an original member and female voice of the 1950s folk quarter the Weaver, that also included Pete Seeger, will be so honored.

Santa Fe Weather: Partly sunny today, with a high near 78 and a 30-percent chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms, mainly after noon.  Tonight: Cloudy with a 50-percent chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms, the overnight low 56. Tomorrow: Mostly cloudy with a 60-percent chance for showers and thunderstorms mainly after noon. Tomorrow’s high, 78.