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April 17 First News: 'Mother Jones' on NM Gov-"Petty, Vindictive + Weak on Policy"(Listen)

Mother Jones magazine devotes its most recent cover story to New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. The digital version of the article, at mother-jones-dot-com, adds a few eyebrow-raising audio clips. Andy Kroll, the magazine’s senior reporter at its Washington, D-C bureau, suggests Martinez is vindictive and not that bright. *****041714-Kroll-2 :28***** Kroll says he visited New Mexico on a number of occasions investigating the Governor and found Republicans and Democrats alike criticized Martinez for, in his terms, “governing like a prosecutor,” seeing the world in a black and white.  The audio clips that accompany the story are of Martinez and her staff during the 2010 governor’s race. Despite a request for comment from KSFR on Thursday, there was no reply from Governor Martinez’s staff.

New Mexico State Police are warning the public of a scam. They say someone who is identifying themselves as a New Mexico State Police Officer is calling people demanding credit card information for past debts. They are threatening to come to the person’s home or business to arrest them if payment is not made within 30 minutes.  The State Police want you to know that the agency does not accept payment for any debt and will not ask for credit card information. NMSP reminds you not to give your credit card information or any personal information out to anyone that you did not initiate contact with.

A major policy change affecting inmates at New Mexico’s prisons takes effect two weeks from today. The Corrections Department has announced its ending “conjugal visits” for inmates and will begin allowing inmates more frequent visits with family during special seminar days. The conjugal visit policy recently drew scrutiny after it was revealed that a convicted killer and rapist fathered multiple children while serving a life sentence. Corrections Secretary Gregg Marcantel says the policy change followed a critical look at the practice. *****041714-Marcantel-1 :18***** Only four other states currently permit conjugal visits.

We recently told you that State Representative Carl Trujillo of Nambe was all-but re-elected to his House District 46 seat when a lower court judge voided the Democratic primary candidacy of challenger Algin Mendez. Now, the Journal North reports that the New Mexico Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, upheld that ruling. Because Trujillo is unopposed in June’s Democratic Primary election, and there’s no Republican candidate in the race, he gets another two years in office.

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