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Nov. 4 First News: Roswell Horse Slaughterhouse Could Open This Week. (Listen)

  Roswell's Valley Meat Company has scored a court victory that will allow it to begin horse-slaughtering operations for the export of meat outside the U-S. Heading into the weekend, a U-S District Judge in Albuquerque dismissed a lawsuit contending that federal officials failed to perform the proper studies before granting permits to the facility. The Humane Society plans to appeal the ruling. The Roswell equine slaughterhouse, along with a similar facility in Iowa, could start up business this week.

Lawsuits filed over the 2011 Las Conchas Fire could end up costing the Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative millions of dollars. The Co-op’s General Manager told the New Mexican it's too soon to know how much it will have to pay or the effect on customers. The blaze started by a downed power line, and the co-op is among three entities being sued by property owners and insurance companies that fault the utility for not maintaining the power lines’ easement. The Jemez Mountains Co-op serves Espanola and rural customers in four counties.

Santa Fe Police say that a suspicious briefcase found sitting outside City Hall Sunday afternoon posed no threat to public safety. When first discovered, the bomb squad was called out with the nearby section of Lincoln Avenue shut down for four hours. After x-rays, the case was found to be empty. Police say there are initials on the case presumed to identify the owner and it can be retrieved today without fear of any charges at this time.

Republican Vickie Perea has been appointed by Governor Susana Martinez to fill a vacancy in the State House of Representatives. Martinez selected Perea to succeed Democrat Stephen Easley of Santa Fe, who died in August. Martinez said Friday that Perea, a former Democrat who switched parties in 2004, is "capable of working across party lines." The House Democratic majority will shrink to 37-33. Perea will serve through next year, when the seat is up for election.

At the end of tonight's agenda for Santa Fe's Finance Committee is discussion of a resolution on climate change. It asks that the matter be seen as a real and growing threat to Santa Feans and would urge the U-S Congress to levy an annually increasing fee on carbon at points of production and importation. The resolution is being carried by city councilor Patti Bushee and arrives before full City Hall next week.

Santa Fe City Councilor and mayoral candidate Bill Dimas is proposing re-establishment of the Police Department’s narcotics unit. Dimas floated the idea last week, saying the cycle of drug- offender-arrest-and-release from jail necessitates at least a look at the idea: *****Dimas-1  :10***** Published reports indicate Police Chief Ray Rael’s opposition is due to prohibitively-high costs to re-start the city narcotics team. Rael instead supports the city’s current participation in the regional narcotics task force.

Fourteen military veterans were honored Friday during a special public funeral at the Santa Fe National Cemetery. Governor Susana Martinez delivered the eulogy as the veterans were laid to rest with full military honors.  And, as the Governor related to KSFR reporter Joe Day, the memorial had special meaning: *****Martinez-1   :13***** The remains of the 14 veterans were unclaimed by family members after death. They were laid to rest as part of the state's Forgotten Heroes Burial Program.

Santa Fe's Parks Division today begins the annual installation of thousands of holiday lights among trees gracing the historic Plaza. That work will continue through November 27th and will require sections of the Plaza to be barricaded and closed to public access.

Weather for Santa Fe – clouds on the increase throughout the day with a 20% chance for showers later, highs in the mid 50s. A 50% chance for precipitation tonight, with rain in town and snow in the mountains, says meteorologist Clay Anderson with the National Weather Service Office in Albuquerque….****clip. Tuesday will be cooler with highs only in the upper 40s and still a chance for showers.