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Award-Winning Journalists to Lead KSFR's News Team

Award-Winning Journalists to Lead KSFR's News Team

Santa Fe, N.M. -- KSFR’s live coverage of Santa Fe’s municipal elections 2014 marked the debut of the public radio station’s new news directing team, Dave Marash and Zélie Pollon.

Dave Marash has worked in all news media and is the winner of eleven Emmy awards, an overseas Press Club award and a DuPont award, among others. He has covered war, terrorism, international health, and a myriad of national and local issues.

Zélie Pollon is an award-winning independent journalist who has covered New Mexico for nearly two decades for such outlets as Reuters, Dallas Morning News, and People Magazine. Her graduate work as a Rotary Peace Fellow was on storytelling for societies transitioning out of conflict.

Since its founding in 1991, KSFR has been dedicated to covering news that impacts Santa Fe and surrounding communities, from Taos to Rio Rancho.

Pollon and Marash and Assistant News Director Tom Trowbridge, have ambitious plans to expand and deepen KSFR's coverage of breaking news, politics, and the issues and events that our many and diverse communities care about.

The news directors plan to do this by utilizing the latest technologies plus old-fashioned shoe leather. One important tool in expanding KSFR’s journalistic reach will be much greater recruitment and use of volunteers and interns in the news department. Marash and Pollon hope to turn the newsroom into a new-fashioned workshop, which turns out not just news reports, but trained news people. We hope to professionally prepare a new generation of aspiring media journalists from our whole listening area.

KSFR already broadcasts comprehensive news on the hour and every day at noon, with weekend summaries of the prior week’s top events. The station continues to be one of the state's only radio stations to broadcast BBC for the best international news coverage, and also provides unique, live programming from the Santa Fe City government. KSFR remains the city's only publicly-funded radio station dedicated to informing Santa Fe's citizens.

For more information or to register for one of our upcoming training sessions, please contact Station Manager George Weston at 428-1379; (c) 699-6963

Please update your media listings to reflect KSFR’s new news directors.

David Marash 428-1383; (c) 505-553-5509; Dmarash@ksfr.org

Zélie Pollon 428-1383; (c) 699-1662; Zpollon@ksfr.org