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Physical, mental benefits of cannabis amid stigmatized industry

By Alizay Chavez/ @ChavezAlizay/ Daily Lobo
The Daily Lobo
Someone lights a joint in the living room of their apartment.

Now that cannabis sales have been legal recreationally for weeks in New Mexico, the industry is booming. But despite this, cannabis use has historically been stigmatized and still remains a taboo subject for some.

Jacob Vigil, associate professor in the University of New Mexico psychology department, and Sarah Stith, associate professor in economics, are married and have done both joint and separate research on cannabis specifically. Through this, they have found that it’s largely more beneficial than a lot of people think and believe it should be normalized in society.

The Daily Lobo's Megan Gleason sits down with Vigil and Stith to discuss these benefits.

Megan Gleason is the Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Lobo. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @fabflutist2716

This story is a part of a collaboration between KSFR and the UNM Daily Lobo and has been adapted for broadcast radio. The original article was published in the Daily Lobo on April 4.