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Affirmative Consent Bill Supported By House

New Mexico's Seal in the center of the Roundhouse.
S. Baxter Clinton
New Mexico's Seal in the center of the Roundhouse.

New Mexican post-secondary state institutions would be required to adopt and practice trauma-informed policies and responses for investigating cases of sexual misconduct, violence and harassment, and House Bill 151 is moving forward after the house of representatives approved.

The Post-Secondary Affirmative Consent Policies Bill was given a due pass with a vote of 44-17 and is now on its way to be introduced to the state Senate.

The bill explained policies that will reference, affirmative consent, as a standard for determining if consent to sexual activity was given by all parties and would not allow instances of relationship status to be an indicator.

Bill Sponsor Representatie Elizabeth "Liz" Thomson said this while presenting this bill to the Floor.

“House Bill 151 we’ve seen in this chamber many times, I've believed it passed out of this chamber 3 times. Basically it requires state funded post secondary educational institutions to adopt policies and procedures addressing affirmative consent and prevention of sexual assault, dometic violence, dating violence and harassment or stalking. “

Co Sponsor , Representative Andrea Romero stands in strong support of HB 151

“I'm so proud to be co sponsoring this piece of legislation with you this year and on all of the past years you have continued to champion this issue of ‘yes means yes.’ And educating our young people to ensure that they understand what body sovereignty means.”

House Bill 151 would require post secondary institutions to work with campus or community services to have services, such as counseling and health care and legal services to parties involved in an allegation at no cost.

Programs must also include preventive measures, self empowerment and by-standard intervention training.

Baxter is completing an internship at KSFR to for his B.A. in Journalism with an Anthropology minor from the University of Maine. He also holds an A.A. From Bard College at Simon's Rock.