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Santa Fe Opens new EV Charging Station In Sandoval Garage

New EV charging station in Sandoval Garage in downtown Santa Fe
Kevin Meerschaert
New EV charging station in Sandoval Garage in downtown Santa Fe

Santa Fe and state officials cut the ribbon Wednesday to celebrate the opening of the city’s latest Electric Vehicle charging station, this one in the Sandoval Parking garage downtown.

The city has already installed an EV charging station at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center Garage and will soon be installing five more at the Railyard Garage. Each station can charge two vehicles simultaneously. It’s part of the city’s efforts to reach  total carbon neutrality by 2040.

Mayor Allen Webber says transportation continues to be Santa Fe’s largest contributor of greenhouse gas in the city and the more we can transfer from fossil fuels to electric energy the more the city will benefit.

“The cars we’re buying are part of it. We’re transferring the city fleet into electric or hybrid vehicles at a pretty rapid clip including the police department,” he said. “We’ve got some Chevy Volts for parking enforcement, hybrid vehicles for police, 42 of them. That’s all part of transitioning to a sustainable city government.”

 The City of Santa Fe completed this project with funding from the New Mexico Legislature and the New Mexico Environment Department.

The City’s most recent Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Report shows that GHG emissions in Santa Fe dropped 15% from 2015 to 2021, and that transportation emissions dropped by 33%. 

  There are over one hundred charging stations around Santa Fe with 40 operated by the city.  

The renovations currently going on at the Santa Fe Airport will include 35 EV charging spots in the new parking lots.

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