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Heinrich Touts Wildlife Preservation Bill

Kevin Meerschaert
U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich does a little birdwatching while visiting the Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary.

US Senator Martin Heinrich paid a visit to the Randall Davey Audubon Center and Sanctuary in Santa Fe on Friday to tout the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

Heinrich toured the sanctuary and heard about the Audubon Center’s efforts to protect the Pinyon Jay, a bird that has seen significant population decline due to drought, climate change and loss of habitat.

The Senator says the legislation focuses on helping preserve wildlife before it becomes endangered.

“It’s like healthcare,” he said. “It’s a primary care approach to keep these things vibrant rather than waiting until they need to be in the emergency room. Everyone knows that emergency room efforts are far more expensive, usually far less successful than if you pay a little bit of attention early on.”       

Heinirch says the Wildlife Act is a landmark piece of bi-partiasan legislation that will bolster wildlife and conservation efforts in New Mexico across the country.

He says New Mexico’s wildlife and public lands are a huge draw when it comes to tourism like camping, hunting, hiking and other outdoor activities and the legislation will help the state’s economy.

Kevin Meerschaert comes to Santa Fe from Jacksonville, Florida where he spent the past 20 years covering politics, government and pretty much everything else.