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Residents Ask About Affordable Housing Connected To Santa Fe Midtown Project

Midtown proposal
City of Santa Fe
Midtown proposal

Local residents were able to tune in to a virtual meeting Thursday night to hear the latest news regarding the Midtown Development project in Santa Fe.

City officials gave details about what is being generally considered regarding the Midtown plan and a timeline of what will be coming next. 

The Zoom meeting lasted about 90 minutes and took numerous questions from the public. 

Affordable housing was a major discussion topic.

The plan includes about 1100 housing units with 20 to 30-percent being affordable housing.

It follows the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s definition of affordable as no more than 30-percent of a family's gross income.

Santa Fe Affordable Housing Department Director Alexandra Ladd says that’s how rental costs will be based.

“The cost of these homes is going to run the full range of the folks who need these affordable homes,” she said. “Our rentals will be deeply subsidized and could be available for people whose incomes are very, very low because the costs will be determined based on the ability for the person to pay.”                 

The plans are still far from being finalized. The current proposal for the 64-acre parcel aside from the affordable housing includes a mixed-use center with new homes, open public spaces, the expansion of film production, other educational uses and more job and creative enterprises.