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Santa Fe To Consider Changes To How Alcohol Is Served On City Property

City of Santa Fe
Kevin Meerschaert
City of Santa Fe

The Santa Fe Governing Body is considering some major changes to how alcohol can be served on city property.

Among the changes proposed in the bill introduced on Wednesday that would require all alcoholic beverage containers used for events on city property be made of recyclable or compostable materials.

Councilor Renee Villarreal is the bill’s co-sponsor. She says the move will help keep city parks clean after such events.

“Typically you see so much waste after events and so many plastic containers that could have been recycled,” she said. “I think in an effort to follow our values that we uphold being a sustainable Santa Fe, having a plan and thinking about little ways that we can make an impact, requiring compostable and recyclable beverage containers is just a small action we can take for something like this.”     

The bill would also decrease the height of buffers around designated alcohol zones to four feet to align with state requirements and allow the tastings of mixed beverages of up to 10-percent alcohol by volume on city property.

The bill will be heard in the Quality of Life and Public Works committees next month and be up for a public hearing and final vote at the end of June.

Also Wednesday night, as was promised when Santa Fe approved its upcoming fiscal year budget,  a bill has been introduced to expand the city’s home down payment assistance program to all city employees.

The pilot program was originally intended for Santa Fe’s law enforcement and fire rescue/EMS personnel to encourage them to buy homes in the city.

But that sparked a long debate when  the budget was approved that the program should be expanded to any city employees.

The expansion bill was introduced by Councilors Lee and Michael Garcia

Lee Garcia says they just want to make the program fair to all of those who work for the city.

“Living in this city is expensive,” he said. “That’s the whole idea behind it. Just create parity and inclusivity to all and that’s the bottom line.”      

The cost of the program will remain at $750,000 in the budget.

The program would be available to all full-time employees and would help those who apply come up with a down-payment to buy a home in Santa Fe.