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Santa Fe Governing Board Returns To In-Person Meetings After Two Year Hiatus

Kevin Meerschaert
The Santa Fe Governing Board returned to in-person meetings on Wednesday

For the first time in over two years. The Governing Body held its regular meeting in-person in front of a sparse crowd at City Hall Wednesday night.

The Governing Body has been holding all its regular and committee meetings via Zoom since the beginning of the COVID outbreak.

About 30 or so people were tuned in at various times on the city’s YouTube feed.

Mayor Alan Webber says it’s good to be back in Council Chambers and welcomes Santa Fe residents to come back to City Hall to participate in the process.

“Come back, be careful, we’re not out of the woods obviously COVID is still present. You saw a lot of folks on the Governing Body and on staff still wearing masks just to be mindful,” he said. “I think we’re opening up City Council meetings again. We’re in a different phase of COVID where you can come in and participate with us. Give us the benefit of your ideas and your participation.”          

At the meeting the Governing Board voted to give Beck and Bulow Meats a $300,000 dollar  grant from the city and the state  to help their expansion plans. The company is to create 40 new jobs over the next ten years.
The dollars come from the Local Economic Development Act program. 

The Board also voted to reduce some of the local regulations to help expand the number of child care facilities in Santa Fe. 

Kevin Meerschaert comes to Santa Fe from Jacksonville, Florida where he spent the past 20 years covering politics, government and pretty much everything else.