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Santa Fe Railyard Park Nearing Needed Improvements

The Santa Fe Railyard Park Playground is one step closer to getting some needed renovations.   

On  Monday the City Council Finance Committee unanimously approved allocating nearly 400-thousand dollars for playground rehabilitation and Banco replacement.

Facilities Project Administrator Therese Martinez says only a small portion of the park will be closed during the reconstruction.

“That is mainly where the slides are, where the tunnel is and the climbing wall that’s in behind the slides’ hill. All of that will be enclosed with fencing. It will only be that area,” she said. “Then individually, when we replace the Banco benches with our new concrete precast benches, areas of the pathways will be closed.”           

This project will include the installation of three new slides, new play structures, and the improvements to areas surrounding them. 

  In addition, the existing 63 wooden park benches are dilapidated and no longer usable.

  They will be replaced with 40 cast-in-place concrete benches, which will match those already in place in the open space in the North Railyard Business District. The existing healthy trees and other plant growth will remain. Any required landscaping infill will be added as needed.   

If aproved work is expected to begin this summer. The full Governing Body will vote on the proposal next week.     

Kevin Meerschaert comes to Santa Fe from Jacksonville, Florida where he spent the past 20 years covering politics, government and pretty much everything else.