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Webber On Legislative Session, Departure Of Speaker Egolf

Egolf and Romero
Kevin Meerschaert
House Speaker Brian Egolf speaking with fellow Santa Fe Representative Andrea Romero on the House Floor.

Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber says the city did very well in the just completed legislative session, but is going to miss having Brian Egolf in the Speaker’s Chair. 

Webber says the city has a strong relationship with the Governor and its representatives at The Roundhouse. 

He says the city was awarded about $3-million dollars in capital projects. It includes over $1-million to fix and beautify the city’s road medians, $1-million for infrastructure improvements at Midtown and funding for several projects around town to fix streets, roads, and bike trails.

Webber also says he’s very happy the legislature came  through on the Gross Receipts Tax, which initially was proposing a freeze on cities raising the tax for five-years.

He says he was also pleased to see the crime and education  legislation passed.

“I think the Governor’s vision and the legislators' collaboration produced some great gains for the people of Santa Fe,” he said.

Webber says he too was surprised when House Speaker Brian Egolf announced at the end of the session it would be his last.

Webber says Egolf has been a great friend and leader to him and the city of Santa Fe. 

“I understand his desire to spend time with his growing kids,” Weber said. “You don’t get to take that over. They are only young for a little while and then they’re gone, so I appreciate his family focus,”

Webber says Egolf has been visionary and pragmatic as Speaker and he will be missed at The Roundhouse.