Governing Body

The KSFR-FM license is owned by the Santa Fe Community College. Its governing body's members are listed below.

Dr. Martha Romero
Ms. Kathy Keith
Dr. George Gamble
Ms. Linda Siegle
Jack Sullivan


The station is managed by the Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation

All of the Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation's meetings (including committee meetings) are open to the public. The schedule for those meetings can be found by clicking here.

KSFR Board of Directors

Dr. Peter Smith

Robert G. Morlino

Carolyn H. Little

Jose Carreño

Marilyn E. Perryman

Lynette Kessler

Jeff Lamie

On this and the following pages, you'll find information about the Northern New Mexico Foundation Founation, a 501(c)3 organization.

Schedule of Board Meetings
Important Dcuments
Service Mark