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Santa Fe School Start New Year, Advancing "Reimagining"

Santa Fe Public School District
Superintendent Larry Chavez

Santa Fe School Superintendent Larry Chavez says Tuesday’s first day of school went off with very few problems as students returned to class.

Chavez says it’s a great sign for the school district which he says is moving in a positive direction as a community including parents, students, administration, teachers and staff.

One of the key issues the district will be looking into this year will be its reimagining policy.

The student engagement policy has already passed.

Chavez says the district is committed to hearing the students' concerns and suggestions for improvements in the schools.

“What we’ve done over the last few years is actually listen to the students’ voices and because of that we’ve created new pathways at our secondary schools, such as film at Santa Fe High and early childhood education at Capital,” he said. “We’ve created our work based learning program or internship program, so student voices are being really valued right now by the school district and also helping us make good and accurate smart decisions.”               

What will likely take a lot more work, and a lot of community input will be the realignment of district schools and facilities.             

With falling school enrollment and population shifts the district is going to need to consider what will be the best use for facilities in future years.

Chavez says there are no specifics as to which buildings could be affected. He says it’s more of a broad policy of what will be best in the teaching and learning.