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Farmington Police Release Shooting Video

A still from the video from one of the police officers' body cameras.
Kevin Meerschaert
Via Zoom
A still from the video from one of the police officers' body cameras.

Farmington police have released video of Ring footage and of officers body cams from the mass shooting on Monday that left three elderly women and the shooter dead.

The footage picked up the sound of gunfire coming from Beau Wilson’s AR-15 and later him saying “kill me” as officers rushed toward the 18-year-old before fatally shooting him outside a church.

The three killed included a mother and daughter who happened to be driving through the neighborhood. The victims were identified as longtime Farmington residents 97-year old Gwendolyn Schofield, her 73-year-old daughter, Melody Ivie, and 79-year-old Shirley Voita.

Wilson was originally wearing body armor but took it off as police approached. 

Police Chief Steve Hebbe says it appears Wilson intended to be killed at the scene.

“It’s very difficult to be inside somebody’s mind but he is yelling on the Ring footage ‘Come kill me’ and when he’s making the decision to take off his body armor, because we don’t know where he is at the final moments,” he said. “He’s making a stand and he has opportunities to run off. He does not make use of those opportunities. So, yes it is my belief that ultimately in his head he has made a decision that he’s going to stand and fight it out  until he’s killed.”                   

Police say according to the video Voita was the first hit, the other two were shot when they stopped to help.  At least six other people were wounded in the shootings, which sent waves of grief rippling through the community. They included two police officers, who have been released from medical care as they recover.

 According to law enforcement authorities, Wilson lived with his father in a home that contained an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, apparently legally owned.  He bought an assault-style rifle last year after he turned 18.
Efforts are underway by authorities to access medical and school records that might shed light on his mental history.