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Gun violence prevention mural unveiled at Mark Armijo Academy

Students, staff, and elected officials gather in front of the mural
Gino Gutierrez
Students, staff, and elected officials gather in front of the mural

Students, family members, and several state officials gathered at Mark Armijo Academy Wednesday morning, to unveil a new mural created by students, and facilitated and funded by New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence and sign the Student Pledge Against Gun Violence.

The mural depicted Earth on a dark blue background, with angel wings on both sides.

Two hands extended from the wings and conjoined together in front of the planet.

A yellow sash ran across the button of the mural, held up by two painted doves, and the sash read “New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence, We Join Hands to Stop Gun Violence.”

Bernalillo County District Attorney Raúl Torrez, said there is a real opportunity to save lives from the threat of gun violence.

“We have a real opportunity, I think, in this community if we come together to save lives. And this mural is an expression of the commitment of your classmates and some extraordinary young people, who have already shown what they believe in.”

Senator Linda Lopez, who was also in attendance Wednesday morning said those in the room, are the ones who can truly make a difference.

“Who we are as a people comes from the heart. And what I always talk about is how important you, each of you in this room, makes a difference and can make a difference.”

Lopez went on to say that gun violence, rather whether someone is directly affected by it or not, is a shared issue within Albuquerque’s communities.

“Gun violence affects all of us in different ways. And even though we may not have somebody in our immediate family that’s been affected, it affects us as a community. And what I see here with the heart, and the hands, and who we are with the wings or our angels. That is the impact of what you are telling us. Gun violence, no more. We’re done.”

In closing, Lopez said the representatives and senators at the roundhouse can’t stop gun violence alone, they need to look towards the young leaders of New Mexico.

“But you know, us as the talking heads as I call myself sometimes, we don’t do this alone. It comes from each of you as a community, and each of you as our young leaders, each of you here is a leader. From me and others who represent our community. You are the voice, and we have to listen to you and we should listen to you.”