Programs A-Z

  • On his radio show Oil Of Dog, Gary Storm creates relationships between different musical works, associating them by instrumentation, artist, history, genre, theme, ideology, subject matter, and any way that any pieces of music can possibly be...

  • It's reggae, mon!

    email - reggae@ksfr.org

  • Retake Our Democracy is a 30-minute weekly show that focuses on local, state and national issues, examining them from a progressive perspective. Interviews focus on a guest’s involvement with a myriad of topics such as, social, political,...

  • Music from the golden age of jazz, big bands and American popular song.

    email - sentimental@ksfr.org

  • Latin music from around the globe.

    Email:  somosson@ksfr.org

  • Friday evening of Soul, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Rap and more.

    email - soulnotes@ksfr.org

  • Soul Searching is an exploration of deep questions of being and of meaning. During the show, Rabbi Neil guides a discussion with either a member of local clergy, a local academic or with a local community leader to try to hear differing...

  • Sound reaches us across time and space. It travels from the moment the musician creates it to the ear and heart of the listener. The sounds of the world are available to us today in magical texture of possibilities. Sound can carry us away, it...

  • Blues. In their Sunday best.

    email - sundayblues@ksfr.org

  • An inspired, late night blend of music and poetry.

  • Free-form, weirdo radio.  To link to Steve's blog, CLICK HERE

    email - terrell@ksfr.org

  • An eclectic music mix from a rotating cast of KSFR dj's

  • A greasy mix of Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul and Funk.

    email - chickenshack@ksfr.org

  • Where locals discuss  important issues of the day in a hard hitting but civilized manner.

    email - forum@ksfr.org

    Click here for a podcast of The Forum

  • The Garden Journal, broadcast live each Saturday from 10:00 to 10:30 am on KSFR
    101.1, is a compendium of interviews, advice, and inspiration for home
    gardeners throughout Santa Fe County. Hosts Christine Salem and Bob

  • For people who read, for people who write, for people who want to publish, or for people who are just curious…What do writers think? What do writers really do?  Find out – listen to THE LAST WORD: Conversations with Writers every Wednesday at 4...

  • Through Our Eyes - A weekly one-hour program that will feature conversations with Native American scholars, artists, farmers, writers, Tribal Leaders and more to explore contemporary issues that impact both day-to-day life here in New Mexico,...

  • Opera as it's meant to be heard: uncut and unencumbered by affectation. Whether you're interested in the standard repertoire or seldom performed masterpieces or keeping up with what's happening at our own Santa Fe Opera, Tuesday Night at the...

  • Spinifex transports into the dimensions of sense, sound and mind. Welcome to a journey into the boundaries of imagination. Experience a groove-based exploration of the past, present and future of Electronica, Groove Jazz, Experimental Rock and...

  • A one-way ticket to palookaville.

  • A two-minute meditative moment of inspirational thought.