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Dec 10, 2012


Dec 10, 2012

PBS commentator Bill Moyers on the decision by a federal appeals court that could open the door to political advertising on some public broadcasting stations. Moyers credits KSFR, Santa Fe Public Radio, and KPBS, San Diego Public TV, for opposing the decision.


Robert Egger

The Father of Social Enterprise Brings His Vision to Santa Fe

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MONDAY April 8 -Nothing President Trump has tried to stop the flow of migrants to America’s southern border has worked. His latest trick, slowing down processing for asylum applicants “doing it the legal way,” has made everything worse. Photo-journalist Roberto Rosales of the Albuquerque Journal has been covering the border crisis for months. TUESDAY April 9 - In today’s headlines, tens of millions of migrants are causing crises on every continent. But Harvard University scholar, Jacqueline...

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