On Tuesday's midday report: We'll take a look at drone aircraft over New Mexico. It turns out the Zia state is the only one, so far at least, with FAA approval to use airspace to test drones...If you want to know how bad the drought is, just ask a farmer. That's what our reporter did at the Santa Fe Farmers Market...Enterprising Santa Fe high school students study the effectiveness of ignition interlocks...And what's the country with the highest rating for happiness in work and living. We'll find out it's not the U.S.  

    Florida-based Teco Energy Inc. is buying New Mexico Gas Company for $950 million.  The purchase deal also includes assumption of New Mexico Gas Company's current $200 million in debt. Pending state and federal approvals, the deal is expected to close in the 1st quarter of 2014. Teco currently operates the Tampa Electric company.  New Mexico Gas Company is currently a subsidiary of New York-based Continental Energy Systems LLC, which acquired it back in 2009 when PNM Resources sold it off for $620 million.

On Friday's midday report: We’ll listen in as members of the Santa Fe School Board debate whether pay raises for teachers next year should be 1 percent or more…A most unusual healthcare program in Albuquerque operates in large part with grant money from the Mexican government and it’s recipients don’t necessarily have to be Mexican nationals…Special young people from New Mexico wil be getting special recognition for their outstanding community work….headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

Santa Fe's school board has approved an $89 million budget for the coming year, but only after a heated debate over pay raises for teachers and other workers.  Board member Glenn Wikle  brought up a last-minute proposal to offer a 3 percent raise to teachers, while the budget discussions had included raises equaling just 1 percent. Supt. Joel Boyd and other board members argued against the plan, saying it would cost the district an extra $1.5 million they don't have. In the end, Wikle cast the only "no" vote against the budget that contains the 1 percent raise.

  On Thursday's midday report:  A Japanese-Canadian consortium says it has plans to create a uranium mine in west central New Mexico. It would be the largest  in the country....Yet another study has come out giving New Mexico a poor grade for dealing with its population...And the mayor of San Antonio speaks to the biggest graduating class Santa Fe Community College has ever had....headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

Santa Fe Police are looking for anyone who may have witnessed a fatal hit and run earlier this morning along St. Francis Drive between Cordova and San Mateo. Folks are being urged to call the Regional Emergency Communications Center as an investigation continues.  Southbound St. Francis has been closed in the incident zone with traffic being diverted to Cerrillos Road.

  A free public event will inform Santa Fe area residents on the requirements for Medicare eligibility  being expanded under the national Affordable Care Act.  We also take a look at Santa Fe's "Green Code" for home building. And a new state program offers assistance to our state's smaller communities.

A measure to ban high-capacity gun ammunition magazines has passed its first test at Santa Fe city hall. It's sponsored by City Councilor Patti Bushee and Mayor David Coss. The public safety committee gave the plan a go-ahead vote with only one member of the committee voting no. The measure would ban ammunition magazines carrying more than 10 rounds.  The only people allowed to have high-capacity magazines would be those who owned them before the ordinance took effect and current and retired police officers.

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May 21, 2013

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  On Tuesday's midday report:  We’ll ask Sen. Tom Udall whether the facts so far show that the IRS unfairly scrutinized the tax-exemption applications from right-wing political groups…In other activity in Washington, Apple’s CEO is called before a senate committee questioning whether it has paid its fair share of taxes…And where do New Mexicans plan to go on vacation this year? ...headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...


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