Santa Fe Police Department

  On Thursday's midday report:  City Councilor Patti Bushee has tossed her hat in the ring for mayor of Santa Fe. We'll re-visit our conversation with her to find out what's on her miind...City councilors have approved a balanced budget for next year in the face of declining revenues. How will they tackle the following year?...Santa Fe police have introduced new models in their fleet of patrol vehicles, including cars with sirens that rumble while wailing….headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

In the face of lower revenue projections, Santa Fe city councilors have approved a budget of about $320 million for the coming fiscal year. The vote came after City Manager Robert Romero described the steps budget planners went through in examining virtually every aspect of operations at city hall. *** In addition to not cutting actual jobs, the city has stepped up its spending on employee retirement and health insurance. 


  After local news, a talk with city councilor Rebecca Wurzburger about tomorrow's tourism expo.  AG Gary King talks about assistance for distressed homeowners facing foreclosure.  And Mayor David coss offers some comments on his time in office.

Another departure has been announced at Santa Fe city hall.  City Manager Robert Romero says he plans to retire from his $128,000-a-year job. His announcement comes just days after Mayor David Coss said he would not seek a third term in office. Romero has been with city government for 13 years. The mayor says he believes Romero will stay on the job until the March 2014 city elections.

On Tuesday's midday report: When Telemedicine legislation takes effect next month, what's in store for rural New Mexico?...UNM hospital offers a new type of surgery for some types of cancer...Sen. Tom Udall says LANL to get cleanup funds and he feels stymied by others' opposition to close Guantanamo...headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

Former Española Mayor Joseph Maestas says he's considering a run for mayor of Santa Fe next year.  David Coss recently announced he will not seek a 3rd term. The Santa Fe native noted that when both he and Coss were elected to their respective offices in 2006, they collaborated on immigration reform, regional economic development, and drug interdiction issues.

On Monday's midday report:  We talk with a UNM psychiatry professor about the surprising increase in suicides among the 35-64 year old age group...Letter carriers will be collecting food for the Food Depot at your house this weekend...A look at National Weather Service computer models and why they're so often wrong...headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

City water managers have been letting a trickle of water flow from the reservoirs into the Santa Fe River over the past few days. Plans call for assessing how much water is flowing from snowmelt into the reservoir today. Then, according to the New Mexican, they'll decide whether to allow the trickle to continue.  A city ordinance allows 1,000 acre feet of water into the river during the year, providing there's enough in the reservoirs.

On Friday's midday report: … Still looking for hidden treasure? The Santa Fean who says he has hidden a million dollars worth of stuff gives yet another clue…Scientists at the Los Alamos national lab are keeping an eye on the Mars Curiosity Rover as they steer and guide it over the surface of the Red Planet…And the state library here in Santa Fe announces winners of a contest this afternoon….headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

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