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Many New Mexican May Be Getting Access to Paid Medical and Family Leave

House Health and Human Service Committee Discusses HB6
S. Baxter Clinton
House Health and Human Service Committee Discusses HB6

While presenting House Bill 6, Representative Christine Chandler said New Mexico ranks near the top of the nation for families being responsible for taking care of their loved ones.

With The Paid Family and Medical Leave Act receiving a due pass with a vote of 6-3 from the House Health and Human Service Committee, New Mexico is moving closer to having a law that reflects New Mexican Values.

House Bill 6 offers most working New Mexicans 12 weeks of leave per year with supporting documentation by providing an option for employees and employers who do not currently have or offer Paid Family Medical Leave.

Those that have leave programs will have the option to opt out.

The bill proposes a $36 million appropriation from the general fund, then plans to become self-sustaining by employees and employers contributing 0.5% and 0.4% respectively and includes a plan to repay the general fund.

Those who employ less than 5 people will not have to pay the employer's contribution.

Representative Chandler is optimistic about this bill making it through its first committee.

“I'm absolutely delighted that our Paid Family and Medical Leave bill made it through its first committee I think this is a really good sign that new mexicans are going to be able to see transformation support for them when someone needs to take time off for pregnancy, illness, and support family members who are seriously ill. I'm very optimistic about being able to get this bill through the House.”