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09/08/2022 with Robert Jensen

Robert Jensen, Professor Emeritus, University of Texas, Austin, brings clarity and honesty to KSFR listeners on the most critical challenge facing us today. His latest book, An Inconvenient Apocalypse: Environmental Collapse, Climate Crisis, and The Fate of Humanity is co-authored with Wes Jackson, recognized as this country’s leader in the sustainable agriculture movement.

In their very readable, short and clear book Jensen and Jackson don’t mince words, their style of writing is infectious and brings readers close to home as it lets our awkward feelings arise. But is there any hope left amidst the multiple converging and cascading crises, or is hope now irrelevant ? How do we do our part, however small, to offset or slow down inevitable contraction and collapse in cultures and society as we know them ? How do we move on from being a consumer even as we think our familiar habits are not adding to the problems?

An Inconvenient Apocalypse: Environmental Collapse, Climate Crisis and The Fate of Humanity published by University of Notre Dame Press.