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03/03/2022 with Antonio Salazar-Hobson, author of "Antonio, We Know You"

When pioneering labor leader Cesar Chavez put his trust in then 15-year old Antonio Salazar-Hobson by affirming, “Antonio, We Know You,” he helped to turn around Antonio’s life. The two went on to work together for 20 years.

Kidnapped at age four, heinously abused by his abductors and trafficked for sex, Antonio’s memoir, “Antonio, We Know You” is the story of the young Chicano man’s courage, the few who advocated for him, and his journey to become a fierce legal advocate for international unions, women, and Native American tribes.

Holding on to the memory of his beloved mother, 13 siblings, and his Chicano roots and culture, how does Antonio find his family of origin and the love of his life? An interview like no other, a book filled with love and hope against all odds. “Antonio, We Know You” by Antonio Salazar-Hobson.