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02/24/2022 with Lesley Lowe, author of "Autumn Gold: A Rendezvous With Cancer, Knowing Death is Not Final" Lel

A sensitive, heart-warming yet heartbreaking interview with Lesley Lowe author of Autumn Gold: A Rendezvous with Cancer, Knowing Death is Not Final. When her beautiful and brilliant daughter Vashti was diagnosed with the rare blood cancer Multiple Myeloma at age 31 Lesley was by her side every moment, including through two bone marrow transplants. Revealing with pain-filled accuracy Vashti’s grueling journey this interview and book is also a journey of love between mother and daughter who share a grounded spiritual awareness of life after death and also a delicious and poignant love story between Vashti and her once lost first love who comes back into her life at the perfect moment. www.33greyhound.com