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President Biden announces new steps in COVID vaccines and testing

Bill Oxford, Unsplash

WASHINGTON D.C - In a White House press conference Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced new steps his administration and the federal government would be taking in response to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases across the country.  

The first step is the expansion of vaccination sites across the nation. President Biden said he has called upon FEMA, to step up their vaccine site efforts and expand operations to more states.

This expansion of vaccination sites will allow more Americans to have access to their booster shot.

PRESIDENT BIDEN: I’ve ordered FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to stand up new popup vaccination clinics all across the country, where you can get that booster shot.

New Mexico, along with Washington state are two states that currently have a FEMA vaccination site currently in operation. 

President Biden encouraged the public to take advantage of these new vaccination sites, and also made a plea to the unvaccinated population to get their shots.

Citing the rising numbers of hospitalizations that are clogging up hospital beds across the nation. And possibly taking bed and care away from those facing other health emergencies. 

PRESIDENT BIDEN: Every COVID-19 hospital means someone with a heart attack, cancer, other serious illness may not get that bed, and that life-saving care they need in the hospital.

Lastly, President Biden announced the federal government will shift its focus to helping the public procure at-home COVID tests. 

PRESIDENT BIDEN: The federal government will purchase one half billion, that’s billion with a B, additional at home rapid tests, with delivery starting in January.

These newly purchased tests will be available for people to order starting in January, and will be delivered to their homes, free of charge.