This week on HERE and THERE

  MONDAY August 13- Experts say, there has never been a voting system that was not vulnerable to hacking.  Investigative reporter Kim Zetter of VICE News’ Motherboard says, with Election Day less than 3 months away, those vulnerabilities remain largely unaddressed.  Will Putin play spoiler in the American elections again 


  TUESDAY August 14- Amazon pays its warehouse workers more than some competitors, and they offer medical benefits, but critics say, the company’s close digital monitoring of everything from productivity rates to bathroom breaks make it an oppressive workplace.  Reporter Nina Shapiro of the Seattle Times went to an Amazon warehouse and has the story 


  WEDNESDAY August 15- For years, the housing authority in Alexander County in southern Illinois, let their public housing properties deteriorate.  By the time the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development took over, the buildings were too far gone to repair.  So HUD shut them and left hundreds of families looking for affordable places to live. Molly Parker of The Southern Illinoisan and Pro Publica has the story.


  THURSDAY August 16- Do you know where the State of NM spends its money?  Last year, 43 cents of every dollar was contracted to firms from outside NM, and that share has only increased in each of the last 5 years of the Martinez administration.  John R. Roby, the big data specialist of Searchlight NM not only dug out the info, he made it available on line for you.