This fall has been a season of hate in America.  From angry political words to violent criminal deeds, Jews have felt the wrath of anti-Semitism in America. KSFR reporter Mary Lou Cooper turns to the nation’s leading anti-hate organization to delve deeper into this tragic phenomenon.  

KSFR’s Wake-Up Call for November 14, 2018

Nov 14, 2018

On today’s KSFR Wake-Up Call, host Tom Trowbridge interviews the New Mexico House of Representatives’ Majority Whip, Representative Doreen Gallegos of Las Cruces about how the Democrats’ broadened majority in the State House along with the election of Michelle Lujan Grisham as Governor will impact the Democrats goals. Also on the program KSFR’s M-K speaks with author Arjun Sethi his book “American Hate,” and we’ll have the marketplace morning report and a local news update from John Shannon. 

KSFR’s Wake-Up Call for November 13, 2018

Nov 14, 2018

On today's Wake-Up Call: Host Tom Trowbridge speaks with James Melonas and Dennis Carril with the Santa Fe National Forest about current issues including global warming, fire risk and environmental remediation. Also today, we'll hear that wolves are restoring streams in Yellowstone and check-in with the Marketplace Morning Report and a local news update from John Shannon.

KSFR’s Wake-Up Call for November 12, 2018

Nov 14, 2018

On today’s show, you’ll hear the yet-to-concede but losing second-District Congressional candidate Yvette Harrell and her weekend comments to Fox News about the last-minute changes in the vote tally in her race with Democrat Xochitl Torres Small. You’ll also hear host Tom Trowbridge discuss the election results with the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Steve Terrell. And, on “America Speaks,” Tish Lampert continues her conversation with Kathy Eldon.

Nancy De Santis

Part 2 of John Shannon's Interview with Rick Iannucci from Horses For Heroes and Army Combat Veteran from the Navajo Nation Alroy Billiman.   

KSFR’s Wake-Up Call for November 8, 2018

Nov 8, 2018

On KSFR’s Wake-Up Call today, host Tom Trowbridge speaks with a group of individuals behind the hospice education day event taking place this Saturday. Also on the program today, we’ll share part two of John Shannon’s interview with Rick Iannucci from Horses for Heroes and Army combat veteran from the Navajo Nation, Alroy Billiman. And we’ll be hearing about the upcoming Recycle Santa Fe Art Festival, the country’s largest and oldest recycled art market.


Nancy De Santis

KSFR’s John Shannon brings us part one of his interview with the founders of "Horses for Heroes Cowboy Up!" a program aimed at Post 9/11 Veterans.

KSFR’s Wake-Up Call for November 07, 2018

Nov 7, 2018

On today's Wake-Up Call, we’ll hear from New Mexico’s Governor-elect, Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, who spoke to supporters after her victory over Republican Steve Pearce….also this morning, KSFR’s John Shannon brings us part one of his interview with the founders of "Horses for Heroes Cowboy Up!" a program aimed at Post 9/11 Veterans

Santa Fe is the third largest art market in the country - But who evaluates the value of the artwork in our fair city?  Art appraisers.  KSFR's John Shannon spoke to Jennifer Lynch who has been doing art appraisal for the last four years. But more than that she is also an adjunct professor in the Printmaking Department of Santa Fe Community College and an artist in her own right.    

We are rapidly approaching Veteran's Day and there are a number of events coming up in the next few weeks honoring the 100th anniversary of the conclusion of WW I - one such event is the staged reading of the play "Music Between Us" written by Tal Rayman.  KSFR's John Shannon spoke with the director of the play - Kathi Collins.


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MONDAY November 12 - Veterans Day, one of our national occasions to remember, to honor, all who served and to consider the causes in which our veterans have been asked to fight. The holiday is a reminder to remember. Too few public reminders mean a lot of Hispanic-American history will be lost from America’s memory. Russell Contreras of the Associated Press tells the story. TUESDAY November 13 - Here in NM, and many other places in America, the recent midterm elections burned through more...

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