KSFR's John Shannon spoke with the Director and Treasurer of the globe-trotting New Mexico Peace Choir who will be performing here in Santa Fe at the James A Little Theatre this Sunday 23 September 2018 at 3 PM 

Wake Up Call September 21, 2018

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On today's Wake Up Call,  KSFR host Ellen Lockyer examines a new trend in Santa Fe.. tap beer  to take away at gas and go convenience stores.  We'll get a preview of New Mexico Peace Choir's next gig.. right here in Santa Fe, before they hit Carnegie Hall in New York City.  And we listen in on a discussion by Native American journalists, outlining the frustration they feel when so-called "mainstream" news media appropriates Indian Country stories - while getting them all wrong.  And another one-man show is coming to Santa Fe.

Who was Kaspar Hauser?  Kidnapped prince, feral child, alien hybrid, imposter?  Those questions still swirl around the mysterious boy who wandered out of the  woods in Germany  nearly two hundred years ago, and now actor Glen Williamson brings his own interpretation of the story to Santa Fe.  Williamson’s solo performance of the entire Faust saga wowed Santa Fe audiences earlier this year. This trip, he’s tackling a nineteenth century mystery that resonates into our times.

A recent collaboration between Brewer Oil Company and Tumbleroot Brewery in Santa Fe is bringing fresh tapped suds to several  gas station convenience stores, and one could be in a neighborhood near you.  KSFR's Ellen Lockyer speaks with Tumbleroot Brewery c0-0wner Jason Fitzpatrick about the new practice, and how it is viewed in light of both state laws and national trends.

On Thursday evening, the Institute of American Indian Arts hosted its second annual Alumni in Journalism Lecture, featuring Christine Trudeau with Bethel, Alaska radio station KYUK and Tristan Ahtone, Associate Editor at the High Country News. Ahtone, a Kiowa, compared Native American and Western journalism perspectives on Native themed stories. 

KSFR's John Shannon discusses a landmark legal case involving fake Native American jewelry with local artist and advocate Liz Wallace.  

Today on KSFR's Wake-Up Call, you'll hear a re-cap of last night’s debate between New Mexico’s candidates for Governor: Republican Steve Pearce and Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham; Also today, John Shannon discusses a landmark legal case involving fake Native American jewelry with local artist and advocate Liz Wallace.

KSFR's John Shannon reports on a wide-ranging Santa Fe Community College course about horses and much deeper matters. - Horses in Myth, Legend and Spiritual Thought.

On Wednesday’s KSFR Wake-Up Call, on America Speaks, Tish Lampert has part two of her interview with photojournalist Quentin Williams. Also on the podcast: John Shannon reports on a wide-ranging Santa Fe Community College  class about horses and much deeper matters; Correspondent and commentator Martha Burk weighs-in later with her thoughts on so-called “campus carry” as colleges get back in session in many locations this month….And, KSFR film reviewer David D’Arcy provides his take on “American Dharma.”



Today on KSFR’s Wake-Up Call: Tom Trowbridge interviews Democratic candidate for N.M. Representative from District 43, Christine Chandler. Also: KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer has the story of the conspiracy theories that have been bandied about since the September 6th emergency evacuation and ten-day closure of the Sunspot Solar Observatory in southern New Mexico. And we’ll also hear about a new city of Santa Fe campaign to encourage eligible immigrants to register for U-S citizenship.


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MONDAY September 17 - A California jury has ordered Monsanto to pay a high school groundskeeper named Dewayne (Lee) Johnson $289 million, because Monsanto never warned Johnson that the weed-killer Roundup could give him cancer. Carey Gillam wrote the investigative book Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer and the Corruption of Science. TUESDAY September 18 - 2018 – a tough year for Brazil to choose a new President. The economy’s terrible, violent crime is rampant, and man who led all...

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